Psychology of winning people’s heart

I am not a psychiatrist. But out of curiosity and as a part of my research I started learning psychology. I am not saying I am a master of it. But I learned a lot of things which were unknown to me a few days ago. When someone started studying psychology they quickly discover that the universal symbol for the discipline is the pitchfork shaped. And they started questioning “why?”. But I am a weak student and most probably I was sleeping during that lecture so the first thing I learned is “Psychology is the only science without definition”. And the first thing that came into my mind is why? And I asked the question to a professor who is actually doing research on psychology for a long time but he is not a psychiatrist but a Mathematician who deals with data and automates the pattern of data. So he gave me an answer and the answer is something like, “It follows the historical data to find the mental state and it is a science. But as it is the behavior of the human mind and every mind is different that’s why it doesn’t have any definition”.

Now come to my topic, Why I gave you the useless information as because what I will say next has no relation with definition. It just an article that my brain is saying to me to write. And few people told me that I have something that’s why people love to talk with me and someone told me do whatever you want to do. So I am writing this as I have no concentration on my study (মন বসেনা পড়ার টেবিলে).

নিচে যা আছে সব চাপা (Everything given below is maybe a lie):

“To win hearts is an art. It is an art that not everyone can perform. It takes a lot of training. Yes, I said it. If you want to win hearts you’ll have to master your emotions. Only If you master your emotions and yourself can you win hearts.” – Unknown

Give chance: While talking give them a chance to talk. Don’t just tell what you want to say. It is actually human psychology if they can’t express them in front of you. They will think you are arrogant

Make other special: Make others feel good about themselves. Try to motivate them. It will not only motivate, but it will also create a good impact about you.

Care: Humans always like themselves and to win any human just care about them, automatically the human psychology will start favoring you.

Do what they like: Sometimes we do a lot of things knowingly and unknowingly. Out of these some of your activities may hurt people. So if you can understand what are the things bothering others, just try to avoid those. They will appreciate it and it is natural.

Appreciate: “The greatest psychological effect of appreciation and gratitude is the happiness and other emotions immediately felt whether we’re giving or benefiting from. Gratitude creates good feelings, cheerful memories, better self-esteem, feeling more relaxed and more optimistic” – Unknown

Listen: An excellent technique to help one connect cognitively is called “active listening” whereby you repeat back to the person what you think she or he said to make certain you understand. It will make the person special.

Never Argue: Never argue to a point where you can come out as a selfish mean person. Instead listen, appreciate and give your feedback. If he or she agrees okay otherwise leave it.

Keep a sense of mystery: Don’t tell everyone everything. Don’t open up like that. People like elements of surprises.

Maybe there will be thousands of other techniques but my brain stops saying anything more. These are some psychology to win heart of other people. But trust me these are not the psychology to win a boy’s/girl’s heart to whom you love (to marry maybe). In that case, I can guaranty that they need something more (Special) which I have no idea. And this is the reason I am still single and someone said: “there is no chance for me to marry someone”. So use this psychology to get a fan following who actually loves you as a person.

Note: Follow at your own risk as I said I am not a professional. “A little learning is a dangerous thing “(অল্প বিদ্যা ভয়ঙ্কর). So before applying, learn more from different sources.