How To Select University for Applying

It is very difficult to choose a university. Because there is a lot of university in the world. So making a decision out of it is climbing a coconut tree.
Here I maintain a set of rules to sort out the universities. I prefer to make a list of the country where I want to study. So in my point of view, there are some countries where there are some well-ranked universities are available. I am just writing the random name of some countries where Bangladeshi’s want to study(US, Canada, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Malaysia, India, and Singapore). So you don’t need to choose all the countries. even I didn’t choose all of them. Now find out which are good in these countries. The way of finding universities is very easy. Just go to the QS University world Ranking(Link of 2018 Ranking) and sort by the countries. we can find the world top universities in a specific country.

In my case, I choose Canada, Sweden, Germany, and Malaysia. The procedures are different in these countries. I will discuss the university selection process later in another article. Also, I will share why I didn’t choose the US for study.

Now the difficult part start, to find the best match university need to read the program details, specific requirements, tuition fees, and faculty list of the program or department, Scholarship etc.

Before ending this article I want to confirm a few more things, the procedure will be different for Undergraduate and Post Graduate degree. So, find the requirements from the website and work on that. Hopefully, it will work. Another thing MSc has it’s own variation. Some are course based, some are research-based, some are mixed mood and some are co-op. Before applying hopefully you will understand what is the difference in those

I will describe the procedure of applying a Bachelor Degree and MSc Degree in my next articles.

Note: The procedures are very easy. Don’t waste your money, time and maybe sometimes your life by taking help from Dalals.