Think Outside the Border

Are you searching for a job which is not available in the local job portals? Are you an IT guy? Are you interested to learn new technologies? Then this is for you.

I was just thinking to share one of my experience with all. Most probably it can help the people who want to pursue their career in a reputed multinational company outside or inside their own country.  As I am sharing my experience, so definitely it will be for IT background people but it may also help others.

First be specific, what you are searching for. Now if you don’t have any problem to go outside the country, go for it. Make your search area borderless. There are a lot of global job portals where you will get a good number of job posting (Ex:, etc. ). So go for it. But before applying to a job, make sure the job post is open for international applicants.

If you want to get at least an interview call from the companies, make your CV enriched and try to show that you are the perfect fit for the company.  For making a good CV you need to google it. I think it will not be a difficult one. But focused on the skills that the recruiters are looking for. Most importantly be truthful in your CV.  Because all the recruiters are going to ask from your CV. If you tried to make your CV fit for the company with fake skills,  you are going to be a blacklisted applicant for that company for future jobs (They have the experts to test your skills in an interview by talking with you ).

All the companies have different recruitment policies. But most of the international recruitment interviews are taken remotely through any specific communication channel   (Ex. Skype). And companies can take multiple interviews if you are capable enough.

In my case, I applied in a world top class hotel booking company. and they took 4 interviews. Those interviews were different from each other based on the subjects. So they took my technical interview first. Then the 2nd interview was on international policies and relocation facilities and salary discussion. Then they took Two more  Technical interviews but on different skill set and the last one was about my knowledge of their used technologies. Unfortunately, I had some lack of experiences at that time and I failed to get the job.

So if you have the courage to clear a few steps and confident about your skills I will say at least try to apply once. It will make your knowledge broader and you will get the interview experience. Believe me, the interviews are totally different from the interviews we used to give in our country. And the technologies and tools are far better than what we use in Bangladesh.

I just tried to share my experience here. I am not sure about the helpfulness of this post.  I am thankful that you read this, and will be happy if it can motivate you.