My First Research Paper In Research Methodology Course

I am going to tell a story of mine. It is almost 3 years back, I was enrolled in Research methodology course and came to now that there is something called research paper. And I have to write one but before that, you have to decide one topic. I was confused at that time about my topic. It will be better if I give some side information. I along with one of my friend Tawseef developed a website for a student organization at that time. The student organization had more than 100 members and the first student organization who had an online registration system. The website contains the data of 100 members and data of 650 other students.

God gave me a direction to chose my research topic at that time. One night the site was hacked by someone and the news was spread everywhere.Then somehow we managed to rescue the website and came up with a better solution and relaunched it.

About my research, I wrote a paper and got a good result. Now after 3 years when browsing the emails I saw the draft paper that I submitted. Which is give below. But I am still searching the final version of that copy. There is a huge modification between this and that one.